A Winter Wonderland Wedding

Being that magical time of year we’ve put together some food for thought for your winter wedding preparations and planning.  We’re thinking all things snow, twinkly lights, faux-fur and mulled wine.  Read our top pointers below:

1. You always need to think about weather contingencies – especially in the winter months.  Have a few scattered umbrella buckets around if guests need extra coverage in case of snow or rain.  Offer additional accessories for chilly guests like shawls and wraps.  This attention to detail really does go a long way when trying to keep your guests happy.

2. Have a cloakroom attendant – or at least a big enough area for guests to put all coats, scarves, hats, jumpers, wellies… the list goes on so make sure there is enough space.  Using a ticketing system will make getting items back to guests a lot quicker when they all leave at the same time.

 3. Minimise the travel time between the ceremony and the wedding reception location.  Ideally try and keep this in one venue so you don’t lose guests in a snow storm!  Choose a wedding venue that isn’t completely in the sticks and is in close proximity to good transport links and well gritted roads.

4. Choose season appropriate flowers.  Doing so will be a lot more cost effective.  Tulips, daffodils, jasmine and amaryllis are all flowers that are in season making them a lot more affordable.  Also consider adding evergreen, holly and other seasonal plants to your wedding flowers and bouquet.

 5. DIY decor.  Keep it simple, elegant and romantic.  In place of over the top lighting and centrepieces, purchase several plain glass bowls, fill them with water and add floating candles and coloured pebbles or stones to match the colour scheme of your winter wedding.  Candelebra, lanterns, votives and pillar candles in a variety of heights will add a gorgeous glow and add warmth to the wintertime.  Bring the outdoors inside.  Pick long branches from mother’s nature, spray them white and wrap in fairy lights.  Fill high glass vases with pine cones dipped in silver glitter.  Clear Perspex furnishings such as chairs and tables can create that “cool” and “icy” wintery feel.  Feathers scattered down the aisle are also a unique, cost-effective touch you can add to your wedding day.

 6. Ensure your menu is season appropriate.  Choose a hearty hot meal but keep portion sizes reasonable to not over feed your guests otherwise you’ll leave them feeling weighed down on the dance floor!  Soups are always a warming starter course.  Seasonal hot pies such as apple or pumpkin are delicious served with a scoop of ice cream as a fitting dessert option.

 7. Sparkle and shine with the right wedding dress.  Heavier satin fabrics are popular for winter as well as sparkle, layered tulle, lace, sleeves and a spot of sheer.  Silvery blue is a winning choice for the dress colour during the winter season.  Accessorise with a faux-fur cape to keep warm during any outdoor photographs.  A lace capelet can also look stunning whilst white gloves can be a very elegant and retro look if you want to create a statement.

 8. Winter Wedding Favours.  Why not make homemade mulled wine or cider as favours for your wedding guests?  Personalise each bottle by adding a label or tag with a message for each of your friends and family.  This can also be served behind the bar for your guests to try.  Mr and Mrs miniature snow globes are a cute idea, especially for the younger guests.