Festive Fun!

We know it’s not quite December yet but we like to plan ahead and pass on our little tips and tricks for your Christmas parties this year.  Whether it’s a family get together at home or just a good old fashioned knees up, we have put together some of our favourite ideas for you to put to use.

Style & Prep

 Christmas is about making memories – get the whole family involved in putting the party together.  Your home does not have to look like a magazine spread, “make your own” decorations incorporating family traditions and personal touches.

 Use your Christmas tree not only as a decoration but to hang party favours or escort cards tags with guest’s table seating information.

 There are different ways to entertain during the holiday season so choose a schedule and budget that suits you.  Whether it’s a formal affair or a casual gathering – match your style to the mood you are trying to create.

Get prepared!  Make a list and check it twice.  Plan all your “to do’s” in advance to make for a more smooth running party.

Mood & Atmosphere

Use appropriate lighting and music to set the tone for your guests.

It’s all about twinkly lights and that extra sparkle at Christmas.  Candelabras are also very fitting for the season.  Lay your table with mixed levelled Candelabras to create warmth and festive joy for your event.

 If you have a fireplace, make use of it.  Light the fire and decorate the surrounding area making it a focal point for guests.

 Start the evening with softer music and build as the night goes on.  Don’t forget to include the classic Christmas bangers in your playlist!

Get Mulling!

No Christmas party is complete without the Mulled Wine.  Fill your home with all those wonderful smells before the guests enter.  I’d suggest leaving your saucepan of mulled wine on the stove 30 minutes before you expect your guests to arrive, which is plenty of time to let the festive spices fill the home. You can also prepare small parcels of cinnamon, cloves and dried citrus fruits in muslin; place these on radiators to bring extra festive aromas into your home.

Christmas Treats

Choose recipes you can make in advance and that freeze well.  Invite your friends to take part in a cookie exchange; not only will you save time but you will have a fabulous assortment of goodies.

Make sure you don’t give your guests too much to eat ahead of your the big Christmas feast.  More than likely you’ll be serving more food than they would normally eat at the table and it’s good to have them sitting down feeling hungry.

Buffets make dinner parties easy.  You can get dishes out quickly and keep them warm while guests can help themselves.

For a stress-free cocktail party, stock the pantry and prepare hors d’oeuvres ahead of time.  That leaves only an hour or two of prep on the day of your event.

Use oven-to-table serving ware to help keep food warm, rather than glass or metal baking dishes.  If you don’t have these serving dishes on hand, label what you are using ahead of time so you know exactly where everything goes when it comes out of the oven.

However you plan to celebrate Christmas this year, make sure you embrace family and friends and most of all continue to make merry memories.

Happy Christmas from Plan A Events!