Keep it Stress Free

You don’t have to be a professional to organise a great party – we’ve put together some of our top tips to help you along the way, leaving the stress behind whilst organising your event.

1. Plan Ahead

The more time you leave to organise your party the easier it will be to control.  Stay organised and set yourself a timeline of all the activities you need to consider to put on the event.  Keep a calendar with completion dates of each task – this will help you manage each element more effectively.


2. Make a “To Do” List

Everyone loves a list!  The satisfaction of being able to tick off a bunch of tasks is one of the most fulfilling things in our opinion.  Write everything you can possibly think of which contributes to getting the party underway, from ordering the crystal glasses to serve your drinks or researching the recipes for your famous dip – write every single task down.  This will minimise error and any last minute running around.  Get a team to help you and delegate the tasks fairly.

3. Create a Theme

Doing so will allow you to have more focus and consistency to your party and stop you as the party host from moving in a million different directions.  A theme will allow you to think about the colour scheme, invite design, food and beverage choices and even possibly create a dress code for your guests.  The possibilities are endless for creative party ideas; why not turn your house into a Barbie Dream House or transform your garden into an Alice and Wonderland tea party?

4. Save the Dates

 Even if your invites are not completely ready as soon as you know your date, send out gentle notifications to your guests to pencil the date in their diaries.  There is nothing worse than having an empty dance floor!  Give your guests as much notice as possible.

5. Offer a Self Service bar

Keep the costs and complications to a minimum by providing a self service bar.  I know some may be horrified at such an idea but it really does work.  It allows guests to help themselves as much as they want, when they want – let guests be their own mixologists.  Display welcome drinks on trays when guests arrive so they have something to get them started.

6. Simple and Bitesize

 Consider serving one bite canapés instead of a sit down meal.  This less formal approach allows guests to sample lots of different options and allows you as the party host not to be tied up in the kitchen.  Many of these hors d’oeuvres can be pre made.  Hire a few waiting staff to serve the food – make sure they are well prepped on what it is they are serving beforehand.

7. Setting the Ambience

There is no more cost effective way of creating a calming and inviting atmosphere than by using candles.  Use as many as appropriate to set the mood – the more the better we say.  Ensure they are placed in safe areas – out of reach of small children or slightly tipsy adults!

8. Keep It Fabulous

You might find yourself running around like a headless chicken if you don’t pre plan for the party.  Get organised and allow yourself a good couple of hours before the party starts to get ready and have a bevy before its time to mingle with the party guests.  Don’t forget that as the host you set the tone, so a relaxed attitude will bring out the same in your guests.

9. Party Favours   

Give your guests a little memorabilia from the event.  A simple party favour is a lovely way of saying thank you to your guests for attending.  A small token of affection is an unforgettable way to end a celebration.  Homemade baked goods always goes down well and shows real thought along with the personal touch.  Again, fit these into your timeline of tasks and prepare well in advance to make these gifts.