Once Upon a Time

What’s the event all about?

Once Upon A Time, a Christmas pop-up concept, was launched in 2016. Through the total redesign of a blank space and theatrical performance, guests were treated to a three-course immersive dining experience. Starting in the streets of New York, guests were given a glass of bubbly to get the night started. They were then invited into an abandoned toy shop owned by an old lady, who did not appreciate the company! Guests could play with the old abandoned toys, such as an old Jenga and Scalextric.

Where was the party?

“The Little Treasured Toy Shop” took place in Mayfair during the month of December and saw over 2,000 guests through its doors overall.

Who attended?

A mixed bag of corporate companies for exclusive and shared parties along with the general public on our weekend dates. Our Once Upon a Time clients included Westfield, Moet, Deutsche Bank, The Hoxton, Accenture, TRO and Guys Hospital.

Who sponsored?

We had some great alcohol sponsors for the pop up including Moet, Bacardi, Peroni and Red Bull.  The Moet Chandon went down a treat during the drinks reception served in traditional toyshop brightly coloured flutes.

Event highlights?

One of our favourite parts of the décor were the bespoke lego-esque bars we had made. The building blocks were shipped all the way over from the United States and took a team of people to stack the blocks and make into a fully functioning toy themed bar. The interactive monopoly board dessert was also a winner – brownie, popping candy, jellied houses and a spiced Christmas cream, delish! We also loved the performance and storytelling element of the event. Each character had their own story to tell from the tales of the “The Little Treasured Toyshop.”