Party trends for 2017

We’re finally into Spring, hibernation mode is over and the nice weather is (hopefully) just around the corner which means party season! Here’s a short list of trends that we can expect to see at events this year, and a few tips if you’re starting to plan your own:

Hanging centrepieces

Lavish centrepieces can transform a room, and are a simple yet effective method to make a space look fuller. But they don’t leave much room on the table for anything else, and can sometimes get lost in a big room. Hanging centrepieces solve this issue, whilst maintaining a dramatic impact. Keep them traditional with flowers, or incorporate foliage, lightbulbs or even birdcages to create a more unique look. You can hang table numbers or tables names from them, making it clearer for your guests to navigate themselves.

Paring canapés

Canapés are becoming more and more creative and fancy, and it’s incredible how much taste can be packed into one little bite! Whilst it’s never a chore to try various canapés and a glass of bubbly, why not be a bit different and incorporate different drinks to complement each canapé taste? This adds much more variation to a drinks reception, and can be a chance to showcase different flavours that go beyond the realms of just food! Think mini burgers and small glasses of craft beer; mini margaritas with a guacamole canapé. The fun you can have with these is endless!

Sharing dishes

Need your guests to interact but don’t want to put them through an ordeal of a cheesy bonding game? A great way to get a group of strangers on the same table to talk to each other is through experiences. A shared dish at a party or wedding is perfect for this, and it also injects some variation into a standard three-course meal. Baked camembert, fondue, build your own.

Dessert table

If a sharing course isn’t something that you think your guests would enjoy, how about a dessert or cheese table instead? This can encourage your guests to get up, socialise and dance, instead of staying seated on the same table over a formal dessert course. Keeping a savoury cheese table out is also a great idea for a snack later into the night, and will probably prove very popular once everyone has had a couple of drinks!

Organic and natural décor

Whilst flowers are classic and always beautiful, it is one of the easiest areas of an event to go over budget! More natural décor is becoming much more popular, and greenery is a great way to fill a room without breaking the bank. Cacti are currently extremely trendy, and you could even give them away as favours at the end of the party.

Dance floor/patterned floors

With everyone constantly looking down at their phone these days, it’s time to jazz up your floors and grab their attention! With lots of detail on the dancefloor, you’ll be able to grab the attention of everyone – even by those who never look up. They can be as subtle or extravagant as you like, by adding some colour, LED lights or projecting names and initials.

Photo ops

In an age dominated by social media, you want to give your guests something Instagram worthy. Using adventurous props or a striking background rather than a standard Photobooth are much more likely to be documented by your guests, which will generate more exposure and interest in your event. Flower walls are a great fancy backdrop optio and can be economical if you incorporate plenty of greenery.