Trick or Treat!


The spooky season is here.  There are only 15 days to go until its everyone’s excuse to get out the old catsuit or witches hat, we’ve put some creative ideas together for your Halloween parties to make them freakishly fabulous!

Creepy Cocktails and Frightening Feasts

  1. If the budget stretches, hire a caterer who can take the stress off the party planning pressure.  Waitress service at a party is always recommended to save bottlenecks.  Having tray service allows guests to carry on mingling while the food is bought to them.  Create “smoking” canapé trays with a light mist to make the food look even more haunting!

  2. Make icecubes with frozen eyeballs or gummy insects inside.  Pop those into your cocktails and give everyone a fright when they take the first sip.  Pre make the ice cubes so you’re not scrambling during the party.

  3. If the space allows, have a couple of bar stations to stop people congregating into one space.  Place servers dressed up in scary masks in the entrance hall as guests arrive.  It’s great to offer a drink straight away to guests as allows them automatically get in the party mood and really let their hair down.

  4. Frankenweenies, spider muffins, cheesy fingers, bread bones and spider web dip are all brilliant Halloween themed foods to serve at your bash.  There are tons of recipes online so get Googling now!

  5. Candy Apple Dessert stations are another talking point for guests.  Dip the apples in all varieties of the sugar stuff including the famous toffee apple.

Deadly Design and Eerie Entertainment

Keep it simple.  There is no need to ransack the obvious Halloween props from your local party store.  Get creative and be original.

  1.  Set the mood with low lighting, use lots of haunting candles to create a mysterious, magical mood.
  2. Don’t throw out old flowers – use the rotting remains to make floral displays.  Dying red roses always help create the mood.  Cover floral displays with cobwebs and plastic spiders.

  3. Remember, you don’t always have to stick to the obvious orange and black.  Try bold purples, reds, greens and metallic’s, adding sequins and shiny fabrics to get an uplifted more modern Halloween look.

  4. Cover all grounds.  Think about the parts of your home your guest will see whilst at the party.  Make sure you don’t leave an area untouched.  Decorate all hallways, entrances, doors and bathrooms.  Project scary movies on your walls or use “bloody footprint” stickers and have them strategically placed leading to the house door – really create an entrance not to be forgotten.

  5. Sound Effects.  From time to time set audios to go off – ghost noises from the walls or squeaks when doors are opened are a great added bonus to set the mood.

  6. Booby Traps.  Anything that falls from above is going to make people jump especially if it’s spiders  (plastic of course!)  Create nets full of fake insects which drop when guests enter the room.  That will really put them on edge.

  7. Hire a magician or palm reader to entertain your guests – kit out a room in low lighting and have a witch like figure reading from a crystal ball.  Cackling witches are a must…

Happy Halloween from Plan A Events!